Operator, our bot that automates simple tasks, can collect information up front from your customers so you have everything you need to triage conversations. The 'Support triage' Task Bot asks your customers to provide extra context, and then takes the follow-up actions you choose, like assigning them to the right team.

Here’s how to set it up:

Go to Operator > Task bots > For users, and choose the attributes you’d like to collect under ‘Get context about issues upfront’. In this example, we’re asking customers for ‘Type’ and ‘Urgency’, which are conversation data attributes:


  • You can collect up to three attributes with this Task Bot, from logged in users only.

  • You can also ask customers for user or company attributes.

After defining the data you’d like to collect, set the actions you’d like to automate based on the values provided. Choose from:

  • Tag person

  • Tag conversation

  • Assign conversation

  • Mark as priority

  • Create contact in Hubspot*

  • Enrich lead in Marketo*

  • Trigger a Marketo campaign*

*To use these actions you must have the Marketo, or Hubspot apps installed in your workspace.

As an example, if a paying customer has an urgent bug, you might assign the conversation to your VIP support team:

Pro tip: Your filters don’t have to be based solely on the data you collected with the bot. In this example you can see we’ve used a combination of collected data, and a company attribute that we already track about the user’s plan:

To use ‘Or’ filtering, switch your rules to ‘Match any’:

You can add multiple rules with different actions for the different answers your customers can provide:

Then click ‘Save and turn on’, and Operator will automatically start collecting more information from your customers when they start new conversations, so they can be triaged accordingly:

You’ll see the answers your customers chose in the conversation, and any conversation attributes they set under ‘Conversation details’:

Tip: If needed, you can manually update the conversation attributes as the conversation progresses:

Not what you were looking for?

If you need to collect more than three attributes from your users or visitors, or you’d like to collect certain attributes conditionally, you can do this with a Custom Bot from new conversations.

Read more about how this works here.

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