When creating an outbound Custom Bot (for visitors, leads or users), you can choose to show the notification more than once, giving your customers more chances to engage with it.

You’ll find this setting on the bottom left when creating your Custom Bot:

Just select one of these three options:

  • Seen — Show the notification to customers once, then not again, whether or not they interact with or dismiss it.

  • Any interaction happens — Show the notification to customers consistently, until they engage with it (choose a bot path), open the Messenger, or dismiss the notification.

  • Engaged with — Show the notification to customers consistently until they engage with it by selecting a bot path. If they dismiss the bot or open the Messenger, it will be hidden for the remainder of their session. When they start a new session, the bot will be shown again, until they engage with it.


  • To send Custom Bots more than once in your mobile app, you must have Android SDK v8.0.1 or iOS SDK v7.1.3 or higher. — If you choose to send the bot more than once, and you're using an older version of the SDK, opening or dismissing the bot won't count as an interaction. This means the bot will only stop being sent when a customer engages with it (chooses a bot path).

  • If you choose to show a Custom Bot to customers more than once, the notification sound will only occur on the first visit in a session, but not on subsequent page views.

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