You can delete any abusive, offensive or spammy users by blocking the user who sent the message. Just select the dropdown from the top right corner of their user profile and click 'Block person'. 

All of the information stored about that user, including their messages, will be archived from Intercom. The user can only be restored manually by you and any new messages from that email address will be rejected. The user will also be prevented from creating a new user account in the future.

Important: The web integration will now return a 400 error whenever a blocked user’s data is passed to Intercom via ping.  

How to unblock a user

If, however, you block a user by accident, you can easily unblock them. Just go to your app settings and select 'Blocked people' from the left-hand menu under the 'Spam' section. You’ll see a list of your blocked users. Click 'Unblock' on the profile you would like to reactivate. Your user's information will now be restored. 

After you unblock the user, they'll immediately return to your user list. 

Note: If they don't appear in your user list immediately, hard refresh your page.

How spam filtering works 

Intercom has built-in spam filtering. We assign all our inbound emails a score and will filter anything that we deem to be “spammy”. If you’re missing some messages that you think may have been incorrectly filtered, you can check for them in  Settings > Spam. 

Here you mark the filtered message as ‘Not Spam’ and send it back to the inbox it was originally intended for.

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