When you switch from Zendesk, you can still stay integrated with your favorite tools like Salesforce, Slack, Facebook and Twitter. These integrations help you support your customers from one platform and resolve their issues faster: 

  • Integrate with Salesforce to see your Intercom user data and conversations inside your Salesforce account and contact pages. 
  • Integrate with Facebook and Twitter to route your social media messages to your team inbox - from here, you can read, manage and respond to messages you receive. 
  • Integrate with GitHub to keep Intercom conversations and GitHub issues in sync so your support team and development team can work together to resolve issues.
  • Integrate with Trello to help your team better understand the feature requests, bugs and issues you’re tracking by adding useful context from Intercom. 

Stay integrated with Zendesk

If you're not ready to make the full switch to Intercom just yet, you can integrate Intercom with your Zendesk account. This will provide live data on who your users are and what they do in your app. And you can turn any Intercom conversation into a Zendesk ticket. 

Note: You can find all of our integration guides here

What's next? 

Next, learn how to automate and speed up your support by setting up automatic assignment rules, creating saved replies and more. 

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