Customers waiting in ticketed systems are bound to get frustrated, and once they get frustrated they’ll require more support time. With Intercom, your support team can save time by proactively resolving your customers’ queries the first time around. 

1. Get context - When a customer sends you a message it will arrive in your team inbox. From here, you can quickly scan your user’s profile to see a bunch of helpful information about them - like their location, plan and browser. This saves you time going back and forth asking questions. 

2. Be warm and helpful - Moving from tickets to conversations involves a change in mindset. The friendlier and more comprehensive you are with your response the happier your customers will be. The happier they are, the less likely they’ll need to get back in touch 😄  Little touches like greeting customers by their first name and adding emojis can go a long way. 

3. Share a relevant article - To resolve your customer’s query even quicker you can share a relevant article your team created. All you have to do is click the ‘Insert icon’ article from the inbox and add some helpful context. 

In time, our suggestion engine automatically suggests the best articles for your team to send to help you answer your customers’ questions faster. 

Pro tip: Here are our best practices for providing truly personal customer support at scale. 

What's next? 

Next, learn how to tag your conversations to keep track of support requests and bugs. 

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