From triggers to assignment rules

In Zendesk, you had triggers. Now with Intercom, you can automate your support by setting up assignment rules. These let you automatically assign conversations to the right team or teammate.

For example, you can set up sales queries to go to your sales team or messages from Spanish customers to go to your Spanish support team.

To create an assignment rule, first visit ‘Rules’ and click ‘Create New Rule.’ Then set the 'If' criteria for the message, and choose who to assign these messages to.  

From macros to saved replies

When you switch from Zendesk, you can also create saved replies to speed up your response time to common queries, like feature requests and bug reports. If you’ve already set up macros in Zendesk just copy and paste them over. 

Read this article to learn how to manage saved replies.

Other ways to move faster in the inbox

For faster support you should also:

What's next? 

Next, learn how to resolve your customers' queries quickly and personally using Intercom Inbox and Articles. 

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