Once you decide to switch from Zendesk, just sign up to Intercom and start your free trial of Inbox and Articles. Together, these products will super-charge your support 💪 

As soon as you install the JavaScript code provided, the Intercom Messenger will appear in your app. This allows your users to contact you to ask questions.

Import your users to Intercom

Just export your users as a CSV list from Zendesk, then import the list to Intercom

Once you do this you can see who your users are and what they do in your product 😄 

Best practices for setting up your help desk 

Finally, to start supporting your customers in the right way, we recommend: 

Next, import and improve your content 

You can import your help content from Zendesk in just one click. Just visit your ‘Articles’ section in Intercom, click ‘Import articles’ and enter the URL of your Zendesk Help Center.

When you import your articles from Zendesk, we’ll retain your organizational structure for you. We’ll even flag any content you need to review and give you advice on how to fix it.

Note: If you have multiple languages in your Zendesk Help Center, you'll need to add them in your Intercom Help Center settings, in order for the imported translations to be visible.

New SEO-rich article descriptions

In Zendesk you didn’t have article descriptions. In Intercom, article descriptions help your customers scan your articles for context and it’s good for SEO.

You can fill out your article descriptions right away after you switch or at your own pace 😄  We recommend including keywords your customers are likely to search for.

From categories to collections

Once you import your content, your Zendesk “categories” will become “collections”. Collections organize your articles so people can browse your Help Center and find what they need.

What's next?

Learn how to customize your Help Center and the Intercom Messenger to suit your brand. 

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