Resolution Bot is flexible, with two different ways to answer your customers:

  • One-time — Resolution Bot only attempts to answer the first question asked by customers.

  • Looping — Resolution Bot lets customers ask more than one question, and continues to answer them.

With either mode enabled, you can allow customers to speak to a teammate if the conversation isn’t yet resolved. Or with looping enabled, you can direct customers to other resources for a self-serve experience.

Choose your preferred mode in Operator > Resolution Bot > Behaviors. Create or edit a behavior, and set this under ‘Bot mode’:

Read on to find out more about how each mode works 👇


Resolution Bot will only try to answer the first question asked. Then, the customer can choose from the following options:

  • That helped — Automatically closes the conversation.

  • Show me more — Suggests other answers that may fit their original question.

  • Talk to a person — Routes the conversation to a team or teammate.

If the customer asks another question in this mode, the conversation will be automatically assigned to your team.


After Resolution Bot suggests an answer for the customer’s first question, they can choose from the same options listed above, or choose to ‘Ask another question’:

Tip: This also works automatically if they type another question in the composer.

This lets them start the process again, and ask a new question, which Resolution Bot will suggest answers for. 👌

Pro tip: To customize the wording of these options, go to Operator > Settings > "Customize bot quick reply buttons" and choose from the options available:

With looping enabled, you can also choose how the interaction will end:

  • Pass the conversation to a teammate” lets your customers ‘Talk to a person’ at any point in the conversation. This routes the conversation to a team or teammate

  • Send a link of your choice” finishes the bot interaction with a button to ‘Get more help’ (e.g. from your Help Center), where they can find additional support, then closes the conversation:

Note: Resolution Bot won’t send answers to conversations started from articles in your Help Center, so your customers will be able to speak with a teammate if they ask a question there.

If the customer doesn’t choose one of these options, you can either assign the conversation to a team/teammate or close it automatically:

This can be set conditionally, with different rules depending on whether or not the bot answered the question:

This lets you control exactly which conversations make it to your team inboxes.

Let Resolution Bot introduce itself

With looping enabled, you can customise an introductory message to guide your customers on the best way to interact with your bot. This helps set clear expectations from the start, and prevents customer confusion.

Define the intro message in Operator > Resolution Bot > Behaviors. Create or edit a behavior, and set this under ‘Bot intro’:

Important: You must have looping mode enabled to show Resolution Bot’s intro message.

Here you can enable and customise the intro to greet your customers and let them know what to do next:

Tip: Feel free to make it fun and friendly with emoji, images and GIFs 😉

If you support multiple languages in your Messenger, you can add an intro for each language too:

Note: Resolution Bot’s intro is only presented at the start of a new conversation with Resolution Bot. It will not be shown when Resolution Bot follows up after a Custom Bot.

What if there are no answers to the first question?

With One-time, if Resolution Bot has no answers for the first question asked, the Article suggestions task bot will suggest any matching articles.

With Looping, If Resolution Bot has no answers it can include articles directly instead.

Important: For Resolution Bot to suggest articles, you must have the Article suggestions task bot enabled.

If there are no answers, or articles:

  • With One-time, the conversation will immediately be assigned to a team or teammate based on your Inbox rules.

  • With Looping, the customer will have an opportunity to ask another question, alongside the option to ‘Talk to a person’ or a link to ‘Get more help’ (depending on your settings):

This gives your customers the opportunity to rephrase their question for another chance at finding an answer. 👍

Report on how each mode performs

You can compare the performance of each setting in the Resolution Bot report:

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