Sometimes Custom Bots are perfect for triage, followed by a human interaction. Other times, it's best for the conversation to remain with the bot only.

To prevent replies at the end of a custom bot, select 'Disable the composer' as a follow up action:

This works like any follow up action, and can be applied to all bot paths, or just a subset. This gives you full control of the experience, and in which situations customers should be able to reach a member of your team.

When they reach the end of a path with the composer disabled, they'll see that the conversation has ended, and can return to the Messenger homescreen for other self serve options, or to start a new conversation:

Note: This follow up action doesn't automatically close the conversation. If you reply to the customer, the composer will be re-enabled so they can respond to you.

Or, you can add an additional action to close the conversation:

How does this setting work with different types of Custom Bots?

  • In outbound Custom Bots (to Users or Visitors) and Custom Bots from Buttons, the composer is disabled by default until the end. Add this follow up action to ensure the experience is 100% 'bot only'.

  • In Custom Bots from new conversations, the composer is initially available to your customers. Disable it for the entire experience with the follow up action and this option:

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