Use macros and reduce the time your team spends on repetitive tasks. Free them up to focus on doing what they do best – solving problems with your customers.

Group common actions together — like tagging, assigning, snoozing, or closing and apply them with one click in conversations or internal notes.

Applying macros to a conversation

From the inbox, click the macros icon in the reply composer, or type a hashtag (#) and any word from the name of the macro:

Then select your macro from the list (or hit enter) and it will be inserted into the composer, where you can make any changes to personalize the content:

Note: If you have any existing content in the composer, the macros’ content will be appended at your cursor's position.

Tip: You can also create or manage macros from this modal too:

The macros’ actions are shown here below the content, ready to be applied when you click “Send”:

Pro tip: You can also edit the actions at this point. For example, change the tag to be applied, assign the conversation to a different team, or remove an action entirely:

Apply multiple macros

When dealing with a more specific situation, you can apply a combination of macros.

For example: You need to pass a conversation to your sales team, but they’re off for the weekend. You could use one macro for the assignment message, and one to set expectations and snooze the conversation until Monday:

If there are any conflicting actions like assignments to different teams, the most recently added action (shown in red) won’t occur. To manually choose an action, just remove any conflicts:

Note: If you have a “close” or “snooze” action, these buttons will be removed from the composer, and handled by the macro.

After making changes to the actions or content, click send and let the macro take care of the rest 😉

Note: All macro actions will be recorded as parts in the conversation👆

Use macros in notes

Macros can also be applied to internal notes, and work the same as when you use them in a reply:

Tip: This is particularly helpful for situations like escalating a conversation to another team. Read this best practice guide for an example passing template. 👌

Apply a macro to multiple conversations

To perform the same actions, or send the same response to multiple conversations at once, just select the conversations in the inbox, and click “Bulk edit”:

Here, you can choose from existing macros, or craft your response and actions manually:

Then click “Send”. Any reply content will be sent, and actions applied to all selected conversations.

This is most effective when answering many conversations about the same topic, or setting reply expectations due to an outside event, like an outage.

Macros in the Intercom conversations app for iOS or Android

It’s not currently possible to apply actions with macros in our mobile apps.

  • If you send a macro with content and actions, only the content will be inserted.

  • Any macros that are actions only (no content) won’t be available in the macros list.

Sending macros to social media users

If you use our Facebook or Twitter app, you can send macros in conversations started from social media, with a few limitations:

  • Images will be removed.

  • Links will be presented in parentheses.

  • Bullet points will turn into dashes or numbers.

  • Styling such as headers, bold or italics will be removed.

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