It’s annoying when you publish a high quality article but it doesn’t get as many views as you hoped. Instead of just hoping your customers would find it, you should create a plan to help people discover it at the right time, in the right place. Here’s how: 

See your lowest traffic articles 

To see which articles are generating the least amount of traffic: visit your Articles Insights page, scroll down to the ‘Review these articles’ section and click the ‘Viewers’ tab twice. 

Make your content the best it can be 

First, review your content to ensure that it’s the best that it can be. To make your article as useful as possible, review the conversations your customers started from it. This will help you spot what’s wrong, what’s missing and what needs to be better. 

Your article title and description should provide a compelling reason for customers to click through and read it. Let your customers know how the article can help them and include words they’ll likely search for. 

Promote your low traffic articles 

Here are some ideas to try: 

  • Talk to your customer support team and make sure they’re sharing relevant content in conversations. Remind them that sharing articles through the inbox will help make your smart suggestions more accurate and valuable for customers. 
  • Send customers a message directing them to the article, right when they’ll need it. For example, if you have an article that helps customers track their project’s progress, you could create an event and trigger the message to send right after they create their third project. 
  • Look out for opportunities to link to your low traffic articles from relevant high traffic articles. Focus your link text on how it will help customers - this will convince them to click through. 
  • Share articles that the majority of your social media followers can benefit from on your most popular social media channels. This works particularly well for best practice articles that contain both product and non-product specific advice. 
  • If your article is particularly engaging you could write a blog post about it and link to it from here for people who’d like to learn more. 

If an article still isn’t getting viewed 

If those tactics don’t work, you should consider whether this article is still useful for customers. Get rid of content that no longer helps your customers succeed - it will only get in the way of helping them find content they do need.

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