In case you’re curious, here are the formatting options we do support 😄 And here’s what we don’t support right now:

  • Custom HTML or CSS. 
  • Re-sizing images: we recommend re-sizing your images before you add them to an article. Images should be in a landscape format with a width between 640px and 1200px to prevent them from stretching.
  • Tables: we recommend restructuring your content if you can. Or you can export your table as an image and insert it into the article (think about adding a short description underneath the image).
  • Nested lists: many nested lists can be broken up into multiple lists. Try using subheadings to add more structure. If your content has to be displayed as a nested list, export an image of the list and insert it into the article.  
  • Different indentation levels: If you add a bulleted or numbered list it will be indented, but it's not currently possible to indent a paragraph.
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