When you write an article in the Articles editor, there are a few different ways you can save it or set it live. For example, you can:  

Keep it as a draft (for you and your team to see) 

You can keep your article as a draft if you’re not ready for your customers to see it just yet. Maybe you want your team to review it before you set it live. Just select ‘Draft’ for now:

Important: Your article doesn’t need to be perfect first time around. We recommend getting it in front of customers as soon as possible so they can start getting value from it, and you can start getting feedback on it. 

Save it (so it’s available to share in conversations) 

If you have Articles and Inbox, when you click ‘Save and close’ your article will be available to share with customers in the inbox.

Note: If you just have Articles you can ‘Save and close’ an article before adding it to a collection on your Help Center (see ‘Set it live’ section below).

When a customer asks you a question it will arrive in your team inbox. From here, you can add an article to a conversation to resolve their query quickly.

Note: Over time we’ll automatically suggest articles for you to add to conversations. The more articles you and your team send through the inbox the more accurate our suggestions will be. 

Set it live (visible to everyone on your Help Center) 

To publish an article on your Help Center, just add it to a collection. Click ‘Edit article’ and add it to the collection that best suits the article. Once an article is in a collection, it’s published. 

Note: If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to turn your Help Center on to make your articles visible for customers. 

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