When you write an article in the Articles editor, there are a few different ways you can save it or publish it. For example, you can:

Keep it as a draft (while you’re still working on it)

You can keep your article as a draft if you’re not ready for your customers to see it yet. Just select “Save” and your draft version will be saved but not published.

Tip: Your article doesn’t need to be perfect the first time around. We recommend getting it in front of customers as soon as possible so they can start getting value from it, and you can start getting feedback on it.

Publish it (so it’s available to share in conversations but not visible in the Help Center)

If you have Articles and Inbox, when you select “Publish” your article will be available to share with customers in the Inbox and via a direct link.

To keep an article private (not in the Help Center) but still accessible to your teammates in the Inbox or via a direct link, make sure it’s not in a collection. To check, go to “Edit settings”.

If it’s in a collection, simply use the dropdown to select “Remove from your Help Center” and then click “Save settings”.

Set it live in your Help Center (visible and searchable in your Help Center)

To set an article live in your Help Center, just add it to a collection. Go to the article and select “Edit settings”.

Then, use the dropdown to select the collection that best suits the article.

If you have sections in that collection, you will also be able to select which section to put the article in.

Note: If you choose not to add the article to a section, it will appear at the top of the collection in your Help Center. Learn more about optimizing your article order.

Important: If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to turn your Help Center on to make your articles visible for customers.

Set it live for a specific audience (and hidden from others)

If your article is only relevant for a specific subset of customers or visitors to your Help Center, you can define a set of audience filters, so it's only visible to certain people.

Save a new draft version (of an article you’ve already published)

If you have a published article that you want to edit without making those changes live, you can start a new draft version. From the article, click “Edit latest”.

Make any edits to the article and then click “Save as draft version”.

Note: Any changes you make (no matter how big or small) will create a new draft version.

The published article will remain unchanged and you will see that an unpublished draft version has been created.

View version history (to see all versions saved as a draft or published)

To see a history of changes saved to an article, simply go to the article and click on “More” then select “Show history”.

You can click on each article version and view the current changes made to that specific version. You’ll also see which teammate has made each update to the article.

Note: The current published version will have a “Published” tag on it.

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