Smart suggestions help you answer your customers’ questions faster. Operator suggests smart suggestions in two ways. It: 

Your customers and teammates will start seeing smart suggestions right away, as soon as you have more than 10 articles live in your Help Center. 

Improve your smart suggestions over time

Initially, Operator will suggest articles based on keywords found in each conversation. But it gets smarter over time, learning from your team’s conversation data. The more articles you send, the better your suggestions get. 

Here are some tips for improving your suggestions over time: 

  • Use the words your customers are searching for in your articles.

  • When a customer gets in touch, you should send them a relevant article in your first reply to them. If they send you a second message before you reply Intercom won’t learn from this. 

  • Review your customer conversations to ensure you write relevant help articles.

Write plenty of short articles that address your customers’ most common questions

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