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Including outbound conversations in reporting
Including outbound conversations in reporting
Gain a better understanding of how outbound conversations generate leads and affect your reporting.
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Some time ago we introduced new types of outbound conversations, like Custom Bots, but these were not being included in all our reports. We have improved our reporting to include all types of outbound conversations. So what's changed?

New leads from Messenger

The ‘New leads from Messenger’ chart in the overview report and the Leads report helps you quickly see how many leads the Intercom Messenger generates for your team over time.

This metric previously included leads generated from inbound conversations and only some types of outbound conversations. Now the chart also includes leads generated from all outbound conversations, including Custom Bots, Product Tours and Banners.

What does that mean for you?

If you generate many leads from outbound conversations, you will see a significant increase in numbers on this chart. The new numbers will give you a more accurate picture of your leads, regardless of where they came from.

‘Started by’ filter

If you regularly use Intercom's reports, you might have used the ‘Started by’ filter.

When you choose ‘Reply to Bot / Message’, only replies to outbound conversations will be included. Previously this did not include some types of outbound conversation, but now all outbound conversations will be included.

This will affect any report which is being filtered by ‘Reply to Bot / Message’, including Custom Reports and CSV exports.


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