Keep track of how your support team is performing at a glance by bringing the insights you get with our Inbox product right within your Microsoft Teams channels. Here's how it works:

You can see: 

  • How fast your team is responding to users and leads, and how this has changed over time.

  • Which team members are handling the most conversations over the last 7, 28 or 90 days. 

  • The busiest times of day or week, and when customers are receiving slower responses.

And you can chat with your teammates about these insights within the Teams tab, so you can work together to provide better customer support in the future.

How to install

You can set up the app in just a few clicks. 

Within Microsoft Teams, click on the channel you want to add Intercom insights to. Then, click to add a new tab to the channel and choose Intercom from the list. 

Click ‘accept’ and then ‘Connect your Intercom account’

You’ll be redirected to a screen asking you to authorize your account - click connect. 

Once you’re redirected back to Teams, click 'Save' and your tab will appear in the channel. 

Some important things to note:

  • An Intercom Inbox subscription is required, in addition to a Microsoft Teams account with a paid subscription.

  • Each user of Microsoft Teams will need to have an Intercom account in order to see the insights in Teams.

  • Your Inbox insights get updated once a day (midnight for your timezone). 

  • Clicking on links within the tab in Microsoft Teams will open Intercom in your browser. 

  • An administrator may need to enable external apps in Microsoft Teams for Intercom to appear.

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