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How Intercom’s Starter plan works
How Intercom’s Starter plan works
Start building great relationships across the customer journey as your small business supports, onboards and engages customers.
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Intercom’s Starter plan is perfect for a small business supporting, onboarding, and engaging customers, to build great relationships. It has a select set of features from the Support, Engage and Convert plans.

With Starter, you can:

Support and engage your customers at every step of their journey

  • Chat & email support

  • Targeted outbound email

  • In-product messages

Scale without scaling your team

  • Shared Inbox

  • Help center

  • Conversation routing bot

  • Saved Replies/Macros

Gain insights & improve customer experience

  • Company & behavioral data

  • Reporting dashboards

  • Conversation ratings & tags

Connect the tools you already use

  • Slack, HubSpot, Pipedrive

  • And 250+ more in the app store

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of features. Visit our pricing page for the complete list.

Add ons

Starter has three available add ons:

Drive adoption with interactive tours inside your product.

  • Design targeted guided tours.

  • Include video tours.

  • Use an easy, code-free builder.

Provide a seamless messaging experience for customers with WhatsApp.

  • Customers can start conversations in WhatsApp.

  • Teammates can manage these conversations in your Intercom Inbox.

  • Customers can seamlessly move conversations from the Messenger to WhatsApp.

  • Fully integrated with Reporting.

Seamlessly capture customer insights.

  • Create engaging surveys.

  • Collect responses and save user attributes.

  • Power actions and workflows to create a more personalized customer experience and drive business growth.

Starter plan pricing

We calculate price based on two metrics:

  • Seats

  • People Reached


Seats give teammates access to Intercom. The Starter plan includes 2 seats as standard and you can have a maximum of 25 seats in your workspace. Each teammate who needs access to your workspace must have a seat in Intercom.

Seats can be assigned during signup, or from the teammates page under Settings > General > Teammates.

People Reached

People Reached is the total number of People Reached since your last billing date via outbound messages or Custom Bots.

Visit your Subscription page to see People Reached in your plan.


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