When a visitor or lead gets in touch, it’s important to show your human side and provide a personal, warm and positive exchange. This will help build trust, so they’ll feel safe to ask you any question. And it will make them excited to sign up to your product. Here’s how: 

Add a friendly face to your brand 

When your visitor lands on your website, they’ll see a personal message with your team’s faces. Get each of your teammates to upload a friendly photo of themselves. Then, write your team intro to let visitors know who you are, and how you can help. 

Important: If a website visitor starts a conversation with you in the Intercom Messenger, they’ll automatically get saved as a lead in Intercom. 

Provide quick help, and stay friendly 

Once you’ve assessed your leads’ needs, each message should move them closer to their goal. Steer the conversation toward a quick, friendly back and forth exchange.

To make each message extra helpful for each lead, guide them to the next step they need to take, and sign off with an offer to answer any more questions. 

Give a personal response

Intercom's saved replies are perfect for when you find you're answering the same questions again and again. You can use them to quickly structure your message, but we recommend personalizing them to each lead, their tone and the question they ask. For example: 

  • Address your visitor by their first name or say something relaxed like, 'Hey there.'
  • Speak like a human, not a robot.
  • Little things like signing off with an offer to help go a long way.  
  • And always sign off with your name.

Pro tip: Here are more tips for providing quick, personal support

Aim to delight with jokes, emojis and gifs 

Remember that your leads are human too. Be friendly and conversational, and don’t be afraid to joke. In fact, aim to delight. You should speak like a human and avoid business-like robotic language. Use emojis, stickers and gifs often - people will appreciate your warm tone and will be more likely to continue the conversation. 

Here are some ideas for using emojis to build an emotional connection with your leads: 

  1. The :rocket 🚀   can represent growth and progress, usually important in B2B conversations.
  2. The :speech_balloon 💬  is a great way to leave things open for further questions.
  3. The :thumbs_up 👍  is perfect for agreeing with your visitors. 
  4. Gifs are great for conveying excitement, like when you’ve just reached an awesome solution. Check out the video below to see how to add the right Gif: 

Get them excited about your product’s possibilities

Enthusiasm is infectious. So it’s really important to get your leads excited about the possibilities of your product. Let them envision the success they can look forward to so they’re motivated to take action. Or you could let them visualize themselves in your successful customers’ shoes by sharing a link to a relevant success story. 

When satisfied visitors and leads become users  

If you successfully give your visitors what they need, they’ll likely feel compelled to sign up to your product. As soon as a visitor or lead signs up to your product, they’ll automatically become a user. 

The conversations you’ve had with them and the information you’ve gathered about them is carried over. They will now appear in your user list and Intercom will track the activity they take inside your product.

What’s next? 

If some visitors or leads don’t sign up to your product, you can still capture their email addresses to follow up with them later. 

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