With the Intercom Platform, you can chat to:

  • Logged in users inside your app. 

  • And logged out visitors on your website.

Once you install the Intercom Messenger, people can get in touch to ask you questions, and you can help them find what they need. 

Note: You need to have an Intercom trial or subscription to install the Messenger. 

Customize the Intercom Messenger 

Before you start chatting to customers, you’ll need to customize the Messenger so that it feels personal to your brand: 

Collect your visitors’ contact details 

When you can’t reply to a visitors’ conversation in real-time, we’ll automatically encourage them to leave their email address. Once they do, they’ll get notified of your reply by email. 

Reply to messages through the conversation feed 

When a visitor or user sends a message, you’ll be notified under contacts. To read and reply to messages, just go to the ‘Conversations’ tab. 

Talk to individual customers 

You can also proactively reach out to your users and leads by sending them one-to-one messages. In your contact list, just select the user or lead you’d like to chat to and click ‘Send a message.’ 

You can send your message in-app or by email, and you can choose how your message looks and feels before you send it.  

What’s next? 

Once you start chatting to your customers, make sure to give them the world class support they deserve

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