With Intercom Inbox, you can sort your conversations by who’s been waiting longest for a reply. Just visit your team inbox and select ‘waiting longest’ at the top of your conversations. 

What’s the difference between oldest and waiting longest?  

  • ‘Waiting longest’ shows conversations from customers who have been waiting longest for a reply, even if they added follow up replies or if someone on your team added a note. We sort ‘waiting longest’ conversations by how long a customer has been waiting from the first message they sent. You’ll see the timestamp of the customer’s first message in the left-hand column. 

  • ‘Oldest’ shows the time since someone acted on a conversation. You’ll see the timestamp of the customer’s most recent message

Important: If someone on your team was the last to reply to a conversation, we show a zero for that conversation's timestamp. 

What’s next? 

Now that you know which customers to respond to next, it’s time to give these customers the first class support they deserve

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