AI-Assist Beta FAQs
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Which features are available for this beta?

How do I get access to the beta?

From your workspace Settings > General > AI Assist [Beta] click “Join the beta".

How much will these features cost?

Beta customers are currently able to use these features at no additional cost during the beta period.

Are there any additional costs to using this beta?

These features are free throughout the beta trial, but Intercom may start charging for them in the future. For additional information, visit the Beta Terms of Service (you must be logged in to your Intercom workspace to view this article).

If I get access to the beta, will my whole team get this or only me?

Your whole workspace will get it, so the features will be available for all teammates and can't be limited to specific teammates/teams.

Are these features available on EU and AU hosted workspaces?

No, at the moment this beta does not support EU or AUS hosted workspaces.

What languages do these features work with?

Customers have been using these features successfully with multiple languages, however some languages are performing better than others. We are currently testing and developing in English.

When are these features available to all?

As we're in the early stages of development with these features, we aren’t able to share confirmed details of when these will be generally available and the scope of features is subject to change.

Do these features only work with ChatGPT, or other AI models too?

Currently, these features are integrated with OpenAI’s GPT 3.5.

Is Intercom planning on building anything similar to ChatGPT in-house?

Intercom’s Resolution Bot already uses machine-learning technology and we’re continuously exploring new ways of using AI in our products.

Is OpenAI being used to improve Resolution Bot?

Intercom is exploring many ways to leverage this new technology, including how it could be used in bots.

How and where has Intercom been using/testing generative AI prior to using ChatGPT?

We've been exploring using models like this in the Inbox, and we've been doing design work, deeply understanding the customer problems in the Inbox and how generative and other models could help.

How is Intercom handling privacy/data security?

Beta customers will need to agree to their data being sent to OpenAI as a subprocessor.

Customers using our EU and AUS data centers aren't eligible for the beta at this time.

What safeguards are in place to avoid abuse/misuse?

The features we’re building are support rep-facing rather than end-user facing, and require human input/review.

Are there additional legal terms I need to agree to in order to use the AI beta features?

Yes, beta program participation is subject to the Beta Terms of Service (you must be logged in to your Intercom workspace to view this article).


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