You can set yourself as ‘away’ in Intercom and automatically reassign your new conversations to your app’s default inbox

If a customer replies to a message while you have "Away mode" on, they’ll see your ‘away’ status which helps set their expectations. 

Important: While you’re in away mode, you can still reply to a conversation. 

We recommend switching "Reassign replies" on if you’re on holiday or operating on a different time schedule, for example. This helps ensure no conversations slip through the cracks so your customers aren’t left waiting for a response. 


  • You’ll need our Inbox product to reassign conversations. If you don’t have Inbox, you can still set yourself as ‘away.’ 

  • Teammates become inactive when they have no Intercom tabs open in the web app. 

  • If a teammate has been inactive in Intercom for over 5 minutes, they'll appear as 'away' in the Messenger even if they have away mode switched off. This will not affect the way their conversations are assigned.

  • If you want to take yourself out of a round robin assignment rule, you need to turn on 'away mode' manually.

Reassign teammates' conversations while they’re away 

If a particular teammate is away, but has forgotten to reassign their conversations, you can set this up for them in your own ‘teammate settings.’ 

A quick search from your team inbox, will show you which teammates are away and have reassigned their conversations. Just look for the reassign icon next to their name. 

What’s next? 

To further set your customers’ expectations, set your reply time to let customers know when your team usually responds to conversations. 

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