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Mobile SDK - Mobile Specific Attributes
Mobile SDK - Mobile Specific Attributes
Attributes which are specific to mobile only
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Once a the mobile SDK is installed in a workspace, extra attributes will be main available in the web interface

For iOS/Android

  • Is mobile unidentified

    • unidentified users are those that have not logged in an email/user_id (similar to leads in the web integration but remember that all mobile SDK records are users)

  • Enabled Push Messaging

    • indicates that the record as a device token and thus can receive push messaging/notifications

For Android

  • Last seen on android

  • Android sessions

  • Android app version

  • Android device

  • Android os version

For iOS

  • Last seen on ios

  • Ios sessions

  • Ios app version

  • Ios device

  • Ios os version

When are mobile sessions incremented?

  • iOS

    • We increment the iOS session count the first time a user is registered

    • And subsequently on every UIApplicationDidBecomeActiveNotification that is triggered by a user opening your app, once they happen twenty seconds apart.

    • Application opens within twenty seconds are not counted.

  • Android: follows similar rules

  • Note: Mobile web sessions (i.e., Safari and Chrome on mobile) are captured as web sessions, not mobile sessions.

Difference in App Version Type

  • iOS App version is of string type

  • Android App Version is of "version" type allowing greater then and less than


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