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Understand how Fin AI Resolutions are defined and calculated.
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Fin usage is measured in Resolutions. This ensures that you only pay when Fin does what you care about most; resolving a customer’s question.

What is a Resolution?

Following the last AI Answer in a conversation, the customer confirms the answer provided is satisfactory or exits the conversation without requesting further assistance.

Customers have at least 24 hours to respond to the last AI answer before it is considered exiting a conversation.

How do customers confirm the AI answer is satisfactory?

  • Pressing the 'That helped 👍' quick reply

  • Entering an affirmative response such as 'Yes', 'Sure' etc.

What counts as requesting further assistance?

  • Pressing the 'Get more help' quick reply

  • Entering a response that suggests their query is unresolved.

    • This includes asking clarifying questions or asking to speak to a support rep.

Cost of a Resolution

Each Fin AI Resolution costs $1.90 USD. Fin is priced at cost to empower Intercom customers to be first movers and leaders in AI customer service.

How Resolutions are billed

Fin AI Resolutions in addition to those included in your contract are billed each month on your usual billing date.

⚠️ The resolution figure that appears on your Subscription page and invoice may be up to 72 hours old relative to your in-product reporting.

Any Resolutions omitted from an invoice due to this delay will appear on the subsequent Invoice.


Can there be multiple Resolutions in a conversation?

You will only be charged for one resolution per conversation during a billing period, even if Fin resolves multiple queries in that conversation.

What happens if a support rep joins the conversation?

If a support rep joins a conversation where Fin has previously provided an AI answer, we will still consider it a Resolution if:


  1. The support rep replies to the conversation after the customer confirms the AI answer is satisfactory.

  2. The support rep replies to the conversation after the customer exits the conversation without requesting further assistance.

Will I be charged for resolutions if I am a Resolution Bot customer?

If Fin AI answers are not enabled on your workspace, there will be no change to your bill.

If Fin AI answers are enabled on your workspace, both Custom Answers (formerly Resolution Bot) and AI Answers may be involved in a conversation. Custom Answers are prioritized over AI Answers.

As above, you will only be charged for a Resolution when the last answer provided was a Fin AI answer.


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