Logging in with Intercom
Different ways your team can log into your workspace
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Email and Password

A standard Intercom login involves setting up an email address and password to log in with:

Tip: Customers can change their email address or password from Your Account: https://app.intercom.com/a/apps/_/account


Teammates can forget their passwords and can get locked out of their account. In order to reset the password, teammates can use the "forgot your password?" link on the login screen. Teammates can also be directed to this link in order to be provided with steps to follow to get back in: https://app.intercom.io/admins/sign_in

Note: There is no way to reset a password within the iOS and Android Intercom Conversations app, it needs to be done via Web.


If a teammates from your workspace is locked out of their account due to too many failed Email/Password login attempts, you can contact Intercom Customer Support and we would be happy to help them get back on Intercom.

Google SSO (QAuth)

Your team can set up their login so that they can sign in via Google. Other services such as Okta can then be used to enforce 2FA on the Google log in.

Any issues surrounding Google SSO logins are generally resolved through the SSO provider and not through Intercom.


If a teammate has never logged in with Email and Password and has always used ‘Sign in with Google’ then they won’t actually have an Intercom password set up. To get around this, a teammate can follow the “Forgot Password” workflow and ‘reset’ their password. This will ‘create’ a password for them which they can use for Email and Password logins. This will also apply to admins who do not see an option to turn on 2FA if their workspace supports it as they will need a password to have that option.


Once your workspace has SAML SSO enabled with any provider, teammates will be unable to edit their own email address from their My Account page. The email field will be considered as read-only. Instead, they'll need to invite the email address as a new teammate, then remove the old one. They can reassign conversations/messages/articles to the new teammate while going through the process to remove the old one.


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