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Early Stage Program for Startups
Early Stage Program for Startups

Find out about Intercom's Early Stage program for startups.

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What is Early Stage?

Intercom's Early Stage program is aimed at helping eligible startups gain access to Intercom at a discounted rate. Launched in 2016, the program has over 10,000 startup customers as alumni. The objective is to enable startups to grow with us and access gradual pricing discounts and provide time for startups to scale up while enjoying rich Intercom features.

Included features

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you have access to and what you don’t:

Included in your plan

Not included in your plan

10 Support Seats

5 Engage Seats

1,000 People Reached Per Month

1,000 Guided Users Per Month

Fin - AI Answers

Support Pro

  • Chat messenger on website and mobile

  • Inbox for support conversations

  • Help Center Articles

  • Reporting

  • Social Media integrations

  • Macros & Automations

Engage Pro

  • Audience targeting

  • Banners

  • Outbound emails

  • Mobile Carousels

  • Push notifications

  • Series (Our multi-channel campaign orchestration)

Product Tours (add-on)

Add-ons and some advanced features including:

  • Custom Answers

  • Surveys

  • Switch

  • WhatsApp integration

  • Webhooks

  • Custom API limit

  • SMS

Early Stage Pricing

In the first year you get this plan for $65 per month from the original list price of $1483. That's a 95% discount! Subsequently, in the second year, you’ll get a 50% off, followed by a 20% discount in the third year.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the pricing:

List Price

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3






Plan Costs (fixed)





Usage Based Costs

Per Fin Resolution





Per Additional 1000 People Reached





Per Additional 1000 Guided Users





Per Additional Seats Over 10

Support $79

Engage $19

Support $3.46

Engage $0.83

Support $39.50

Engage $9.50

Support $63.20

Engage $7.60

Application Process

Eligibility Criteria

  • Early stage: Up to $1M in funding and less than 2 years old.

  • Small company: Less than 5 employees.

  • New customer: Currently not an Intercom customer.

To grow your startup with Intercom’s Early Stage plan, apply here.

Some applications can be automatically approved and others go to review, the approval process typically takes 1-2 business days. If you're approved, you will be notified via email. It is important to provide accurate information for our team to approve your application.

To reactivate the Early Stage Program, you'll need to reapply for the program. You can do this by visiting the Early Stage Program application page and submitting your application.

What happens at the end of year one on Early Stage?

You’ll graduate from your first year of Early Stage 30 days prior to the conclusion of your initial year. You’ll automatically remain on the Early Stage program for another year (Early Stage Year 2). If you have low usage of Intercom we will automatically move you to the Starter plan.

During your second year at the program, you’ll keep all the features from Early Stage with a price discount of 50%. However, you can choose a different plan (Starter or Support Pro) if that suits your needs better.

Additional benefits

Early Stage Academy 🎉

Here you'll find practical tips and best practice advice on topics like:

  • Setting up Intercom.

  • Automating customer queries using Fin, our AI bot.

  • Tips for running an effective support program, whether you're an experienced hand or brand new.

Access to Early Stage Academy is included in the plan to enable you and your team to get the most from Intercom.

Intercom’s Startups Dealbook

The Dealbook is a collection of over $100k worth of deals & discounts from our favorite startup solutions to help our customers grow even faster. We’ve collated exclusive deals from AWS, Notion, Hubspot, Stripe, Mercury, Segment, Brex & more. The Dealbook can be accessed here.

Common questions

What happens if I am not accepted to the program?

Our team will have deemed you do not meet the criteria. We have plans available here for all size businesses or you can reach our Sales team through the Messenger.

What happens in year 2?

You can move to the second year on the Early Stage program, downgrade to a Starter plan or work with the Sales team on an annual plan.

How do I restart my trial?

If you need to restart your trial or request a refund, please contact Customer Support via the Messenger for assistance.

I’ve started a trial with Intercom, can I still join the Early Stage program?

Yes, if you meet the eligibility criteria please apply here.

Can a company have more than one workspace on Early Stage?

No, the program is only for new customers, a company can only have one workspace with an Early Stage subscription.

Can I join the program a second time?

You can’t join the program a second time, it is only open to new customers.

Is this a monthly subscription or annual contract?

This is a monthly subscription, you can cancel at any time via your Billing summary. If you would prefer to explore annual contracts, please reach out to our Sales team in the Messenger.

Can we change this subscription at any time?

Yes, this is a monthly subscription, you can cancel or upgrade at any time. You can cancel at any time via your Billing page. If you would prefer to explore annual contracts, please reach out to our Sales team in the Messenger.

What happens to my data if I cancel my subscription?

To grow your startup with Intercom’s Early Stage plan, apply here.


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