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How do I change my app's and teammates local timezone?
How do I change my app's and teammates local timezone?
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Changing your app’s local timezone in Intercom is easy. Just go to your Settings, then select ‘General settings.’ From here, select your local timezone from the dropdown menu. 

Finally, refresh your page and you’re done! 

Note: Your timezone affects a number of time-based features in Intercom. For example, your app’s timezone lets us know:

Teammate's Timezone

The teammates timezone cannot be manually edited. We receive our geo-location and timezone data based on your last session's IP address from the third-party service Maxmind.

We have no control over this data should it be incorrect, however, you can file a data correction request through this page.

As a note, this means that only your teammate profile timezone is affected, as the timestamps in your workspace will show the hard-coded timezone which can be set in the Settings > General page of your app.


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