Operator - our bot that automates simple tasks - only gets involved in conversations at the right time, when it knows it can help. We’ve designed it to be helpful, tactful, and transparent. 

There are some parts of Operator you can control, and some parts you can’t:

Can I turn Operator skills on and off? 

To see everything Operator does in Intercom, just visit your ‘Operator settings.’ You can turn some skills on or off from here. 

You can turn these skills on/off:

Note: Only admins with full permission to manage billing and app settings can turn Operator skills on/off. 

These skills stay on by default: 

You can’t turn any of these skills off because they’re integral to your customers’ experience: 

Can I customize what Operator says? 

No, we’ve built Operator to be tactful and helpful. We don’t want to mislead customers into thinking they’re talking to an actual human. You can only control whether or not Operator says something, not what it says. 

Can I control when Operator triggers a message? 

No, Operator only gets involved when it’s confident it can help. You can’t control when a message is triggered. Operator doesn't behave like a typical 'chatbot', because it's designed to complement human conversations. For example, it won’t interrupt two people talking or keep asking questions to users who don’t engage.  

What’s next? 

Learn about what messages Operator sends to users and leads. 

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