Yes - you can preview your bot privately on any web page where you’ve installed the Intercom Messenger. 

First, you’ll need to set your audience rules to trigger on a test URL. Choose ‘Current page URL contains’ as a new audience rule. Then, add a # and enter your unique test URL term. We’re using the test URL ‘#testbot’ here, but you can use any word you like.

Finally, open an incognito tab and visit your unique URL (e.g. to see your bot in action. 

Note: You might need to clear your cookies, so Intercom recognizes you as a new visitor. 

Once you’re happy, just remove your test URL audience rule (or update it to whatever real URL you’d like your bot to appear on) and set your bot live 🙌

Note: Before you set your bot live, we’ll flag any errors in your ‘Review and set live’ section. 

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