Yes, you can localize your Help Center language with just a few clicks. Once you choose your language, the user interface of your Help Center will read in the language you set. This will change the language of your: 

  • Search prompt on your homepage. 
  • Article count, author and last modified date. 
  • Reactions prompt on your articles. 
  • ‘We run on Intercom’ logo and more. 

Note: You can currently choose one language only to localize your Help Center.

How to localize your Help Center language 

Just go to your ‘Help Center’ settings and set your Help Center language there. 

Here’s how your Help Center will look in French: 

Here’s how it will look in Portuguese: 

Here’s how it will look in Spanish: 


  • This is the first step towards localization. Right now you can only choose one language for your Help Center.
  • The language you choose won’t translate your content (e.g. your articles, article descriptions, collection descriptions, etc.)
  • If you’d like to change the language of the Messenger, you need to do this separately in your ‘Messenger Settings’
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