Every now and then, you may want to clean the list of people you're tracking - especially leads you haven't interacted with in a long time. Here's how:

How leads get created in Intercom 

When an unknown website visitor starts a conversation with you, we’ll automatically add them as a lead in Intercom. 

You can then see key details about your leads, like what page they last viewed, and when they first and last visited your site. And you can capture their email address and start qualifying them

Note: Visitors become leads when they start a conversation via the Intercom Messenger or through our Twitter or Facebook integration. 

How to delete leads in Intercom

There are two ways you can delete your leads in Intercom - you can: 

  • Archive leads from the people list 
  • Or permanently delete leads from your settings.  

Archive your leads

You can archive leads from the people list. Just click the ‘All Leads’ tab, then select the lead or leads you don’t want and click ‘Archive.’

To archive your leads in bulk, simply filter for the leads you don’t want, before clicking ‘Archive.' 

Permanently delete your leads

If you’d like to permanently remove all data associated with a lead so it can’t be retrieved you can do this through the ‘delete people data’ tab in your settings. 

Enter the user ID or email of the lead you want to delete, then select the lead. Once you click ‘Permanently delete’, this will remove all of their associated data.

If you’re technical, you can also delete leads through the API

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