Cadence uses Intercom to provide personal customer support at scale

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Customer Support at-a-glance

Help Center
A beautiful knowledge base for customers to help themselves
Let customers get help inside your apps, by email, and via social
Team Inbox
Respond to customers across all channels from a team inbox
Actionable Insights
Measure performance, spot trends, and know how to improve

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We make solutions for sales, marketing, and support teams to communicate with customers, connected on one platform.

Customer Engagement

Send targeted messages to onboard users, make announcements, and re-engage people.

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Live Chat to Help & Sell

Convert visitors on your website to customers and help users inside your web or mobile app.

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Fill your funnel with qualified leads

Target messages to leads 24/7 and live chat with the best leads on your website.
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Visitor Targeting
Target visitors by their browsing behavior, referral URL and Clearbit data.
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Messenger Visibility
Choose where, to whom and when the Messenger is shown.
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Data Enrichment
Use data integrations like Clearbit Reveal to target only the best leads.
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A/B Testing
Measure impact with control groups and improve performance by testing variants.

Find your sales-ready leads

Intercom helps you ask qualifying questions, automatically arrange next steps, schedule meetings and sync data to your CRM.
Qualifies new leads
Books meetings with your best leads
Keeps Salesforce in sync
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Qualification and Routing
Operator qualifies leads and routes only the right ones to sales.
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Meeting Scheduling
Operator automatically schedules sales meetings with your best leads, 24/7.
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CRM Integration
Integrates and automatically syncs data to Salesforce, Hubspot and more.

Live chat with qualified leads to accelerate sales cycles

Qualified leads are routed to the right salesperson instantly, so you can connect in the moment to speed up deals.
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Lead Routing
Auto-assign leads directly or via round-robin based on account owner, location, and more.
Stripe App
Easily send personalized pricing offers to leads to convert them while chatting.
Aircall and Google Meet Apps
Start a call with hot leads using our Aircall and Google Meet apps to close them faster.
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Mobile Apps
Get alerts and respond to hot leads on the go with our iOS and Android apps.

Convert more leads over time by sending them a personalized series of messages

  • Add leads to personalized drip campaigns
  • Stop sending messages when a lead signs up
  • Measure and optimize performance with A/B testing

See impact from top of funnel to closed/won (Beta)

  • Know which messages and landing pages generate the most leads, opportunities and revenue
  • Keep track of your team’s conversation volume, first response time and deals won
  • Understand how bots accelerate your business growth
  • See how many qualified leads are sent to Salesforce

Live chat and chatbots that work with your existing tech stack

Our library of integrations and our flexible APIs mean it’s easy to fit Intercom into how you already work.

Who We Work With

Visitors are 82% more likely to convert if they’ve engaged with Intercom’s live chat features on your website
32% increase in qualified sales opps and shortened sales cycle by 18 days
Intercom drove a 400% increase in product demos booked
“Intercom drives 40% of sales demos booked, an 8X improvement over our previous live chat tool”