Olark vs. Intercom Acquire

Looking for an alternative to Olark?

You've come to the right place.
There's a better way to chat with visitors on your website.

1. Fresh

A modern, personal
and fun chat experience

Forget dated chat windows. Let visitors chat with you like they would with their friends.


Live chat doesn't have to be dull and boring. Why type it when you can show it.

2. Engaging

Send the right message to the right visitor

Use simple IF this, THEN that statements to start conversations with the right people on your website.

Don't limit yourself to plain text

Send rich messages with images, videos, and buttons to encourage action.

Don't limit yourself to plain text

Send rich messages with images, videos, or buttons to encourage action.


Don't give visitors a dead end

Instead of turning chat off, let visitors ask questions when and where they have them.

Never turn a prospect away. Intercom captures the information you need to follow-up later.

With Intercom Acquire, our sales development representatives interact with website visitors in real-time, which adds quality leads into the sales pipeline faster and shortens our sales cycle.

Capture emails to follow-up

Prompt visitors for their email address to send your reply to their inbox if they leave before you respond.

Don’t restrict conversations to “sessions”

Don’t hang up on visitors. When people return to your site show their past conversations and let them pick up where they left off.

Don’t restrict conversations to “sessions”

Don’t hang up on visitors. When people return to your site show their past conversations and let them pick up where they left off.

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4. Collaborative

Work as a team, all in one place

Work together, move faster, and avoid surprises in a collaborative team inbox.

Visitor profiles

See who you’re talking to and the page they’re currently viewing

Live updates

See every conversation and who's handling what, in real-time

Notes & mentions

Collaborate behind the scenes inside conversations

Pricing that doesn’t penalize you for your teammates

Collaboration shouldn’t be punished, nor should growing your team, that’s why Intercom won’t charge you for either. Invite as many “operators” as you like, your price will stay the same.

A complete Olark alternative

Teams & Routing
Saved Replies

5. Mobile

We actually have a mobile app

Don't leave visitors hanging. Intercom's apps for iOS and Android allow you to respond to visitors on-the-go.

6. Integrated

Don't let live chat
become another silo

Intercom is a single platform for every customer interaction. Do even more with our Engage and Resolve products.

Convert leads to signups, and signups to active users

Send leads an automated series of emails to encourage them to sign up. Once they do, onboard them, make announcements, and re-engage them with targeted email and in-app messages.

Help visitors inside your app after they sign up

Give users an easy way to get help inside your web and mobile apps, or by email.

Does Intercom integrate with any other products?
Yes! Intercom integrates with Salesforce, WordPress, Zapier, Slack, and more.
Does Intercom have localization?
Yes! You can greet visitors to your website in their local language
How do I install Intercom?
It only takes seconds to be up and running. Just insert a short snippet of javascript on your site.
How does your pricing work?
Intercom's pricing is based on how many people you track. A person is anyone you've had a conversation with.
Do you integrate with WordPress?
Yes! If your site is built on WordPress, you can use our plugin for a one-click, code-free installation.

Here’s why Intercom Acquire is the best Olark alternative.

Better for your team

Team inbox


Intercom’s team inbox brings your whole team together in one place, instead of the separate, silo’d inboxes in Olark.



Operators, agents, seats—whatever you call them, Intercom won’t charge you for them.

Ios android app


Intercom’s Android and iOS apps let you chat with visitors and collaborate with teammates to answer questions on-the-go.



Intercom allows you to send rich messages to your visitors based on their behavior. Include images, videos, buttons, and more.

Better for your visitors


Modern & Personal

Intercom lets visitors chat with your team just as they would with their friends.


Always accessible

Visitors can always ask questions and leave their email address to receive answers when you can't respond immediately.



Set expectations by letting visitors know when you’re not able to respond immediately.



Visitors can come back at any time to pick up conversations where they left off, or continue them over email.