Capture and convert leads Powered by Inbox + Messages
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Capture and convert leads Powered by Inbox + Messages

Capture more leads and close more deals

Get more leads on your website. Use bots to automatically qualify and route, plus chat in real time with your best leads to convert them faster.

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Powering 500,000,000 conversations every month for the world’s fastest growing businesses
32% increase in qualified sales opps and shortened sales cycle by 18 days
Intercom drove a 400% increase in product demos booked
“Intercom drives 40% of sales demos booked, an 8X improvement over our previous live chat tool”

Capture more leads by sending them targeted messages

Instead of relying on forms and gated content to capture your best leads, proactively message them while they’re browsing your website.
Steven from Example App
Hey, check out this case study to see how we scale for big teams:
Let’s chat when you’re ready 👍
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Jane from Example App
Hey Product Hunter! Let us send you a 50% off promo code
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Sarah from Example App
Got questions on pricing? I’m here to help
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Visitor Auto Messages
Send messages based on behavior, referral URL and Clearbit Reveal data.
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Messenger Visibility
Choose to show the messenger on specific pages or only to high value leads.
Asset 1
Clearbit Integration
Use Clearbit Reveal to target based on company size, industry and more.
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A/B Testing
Improve the performance of your messages by testing variants.

Qualify and route leads automatically with Operator bot

Operator boosts the productivity of your sales team, so they can close more deals, faster.
Fast tracks your best leads
Keeps Salesforce in sync
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Lead Qualification
Define the information you need and Operator will collect it for you.
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Lead Routing
Auto-route leads to specific teams, teammates or distribute them evenly.
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Salesforce Integration
Operator sends qualified leads to Salesforce and keeps data in sync.

Convert your best leads in real time with live chat

Operator will fast-track your best leads straight to the right team or teammate, so they can engage them in real time.
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Team Inbox
Move fast, chat with leads, and close more deals as a team.
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Qualification Profiles
Record and keep track of information from leads as you chat.
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Saved Replies
Answer common questions faster with canned, personalized replies.
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Mobile Apps
Respond to leads on the go with our iOS and Android apps.

Convert leads who need more time with automated and intelligent nurture campaigns

  • Automatically send a personalized series of messages to new leads
  • Stop sending messages if a lead responds or signs up
  • Measure conversions and run A/B tests to improve performance

Measure the performance of live chat for your sales and marketing team

  • View leads captured over time
  • Know how quickly you’re responding
  • Understand which messages generate the most leads
  • See how many qualified leads are sent to Salesforce

Built to fit your existing workflows

Our library of integrations and flexible APIs mean it’s easy to fit Intercom into how you already work.