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Onboard, retain and support mobile users at scale

Engage customers with email, push, and in-app messages and support them with an integrated knowledge base and help desk.

See who your users are and what they do in your apps

From the minute you install Intercom, you’ll start to see who your users are, and can track anything they do in your app.

Keep users engaged from day one

Send targeted in-app, push and email messages automatically triggered by time or behavior.
  • Onboard

    Guide people through their first steps in your app
  • Retain

    Bring users back into your app with push messages
  • Re-engage

    Re-engage users who've deleted your app with email

Create and launch campaigns in minutes

Create and send beautiful and effective messages without the help of engineers.

Give your users a way to help themselves

An in-app help center lets your users quickly and easily find answers to their questions.

Contextual help, right at your users' fingertips

Embedable, browsable, and searchable right from your app.

Feedback loops help ensure your content is 👌

Reactions let you know how helpful your article is, while real feedback from your users will tell you what’s missing.

Import content from your existing help center

Already have a knowledge base? Just enter its URL and we’ll migrate your content for you.

Provide personal help to those who need it

Let people ask questions and get answers without leaving your app.

Don’t waste time on questions you’ve already written the answers to

Instantly share relevant help articles from the team inbox to answer questions faster and keep moving.

Work as a team to solve problems customers can’t fix on their own

Intercom’s team inbox has everything you need to manage and respond to conversations at scale.

Make Intercom feel native in your apps

Customize the look and feel of Intercom in your apps to match your brand.
  • Set the launcher in your apps

    The messenger and help center can be launched from any icon or text in your app.
  • Match the look of your brand

    Adjust the color of your messenger and help center.