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New in Intercom

Watch back the webinar as Jarell Cardoza and Thomas Creighton unveil brand new and recently released Intercom features you can use to grow your business across sales, marketing and support.
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Jarell Cardoza
Product Marketing Manager, GTM
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Thomas Creighton
Snr Customer Engagement Producer
We've released lots of new features and products in the past few months – let us show you how to use these features to grow your business. Plus, we share some top-tips with you and answer questions put to us in our live Q&A.
Join us to learn how to:
  • Highlight our recently released features to help you scale with Intercom
  • Share updates to our app store and newly available apps
  • Deep dive on new capabilities for Custom Bots
  • Introduce Account-based marketing for engaging your highest value prospects
All in just under an hour!

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