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Close Bigger Deals with ABM and Live Chat

One of the key ways to convert high-value accounts into customers is with Account Based Marketing (ABM). ABM is a new motion for many sales and marketing teams, but getting started with ABM still can be easy with a few foundational tools.
Hosted By:
1564424382 maya headshot
Maya Sykes
Campaign Marketing Associate Manager, Intercom
1564424478 scott barker
Scott Barker
Head of Partnerships, Sales Hacker
At Intercom, we built out ABM and outbounding motions using outside tools and our own ABM features within our Intercom product. Throughout the process, we’ve learned some of the best ways to drive even more value from ABM using live chat.
Join the conversation with Intercom and Sales Hacker as we talk through:
  • Why account based marketing is impactful for any business
  • Why live chat and chat automation should be key parts of your ABM strategy
  • 5 examples of how live chat can boost ABM performance
  • And more

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