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Proven Strategies for Accelerating Growth

The one thing that every startup wants is sustainable growth. Without strong growth, you can’t pitch for more funding, invest in new features, or attract new talent. To accelerate growth, you’ll need to find product-market fit, increase demand for your business, and stand out in your market.
Hosted By:
1557933078 matt hodges, senior director of marketing (1)
Matt Hodges
VP of Commercial Product Strategy, Intercom
1558029153 amanda
Amanda Kleha
Chief Customer Officer, Figma
We chat with Intercom’s VP of Commercial Product Strategy Matt Hodges and Figma’s Chief Customer Officer Amanda Kleha, both of whom have deep experience in transforming early growth startups into leading companies at some of the world’s fastest growing software companies, including Atlassian, Intercom, Zendesk and Figma.
Check out the conversation from our event in San Francisco to learn:
  • Fundamentals for measuring and driving growth
  • Finding product-market fit
  • Demonstrating value and generating demand
  • Building a brand for growth
  • And more

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