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Provide faster and more personal support with Intercom and Stripe

Give your customers fast personalized support that scales with your team. Now, you can offer your customers the world-class support they expect by bringing together the power of Intercom's live chat and messaging with the flexibility of Stripe’s online payment processing.
Hosted By:
1559744435 03 annie berrones 00167 min
Annie Berrones
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Intercom
1559743597 jen ong headshot
Jen Ong
Head of Operations Platform, Stripe
No more switching tabs to resolve support questions, instead do it all within a live chat messenger that you can customize for all of your needs.
Join the conversation with Intercom and Stripe as we talk through:
  • How live chat fits with evolving customer support needs
  • Best practices for using live chat for support
  • How adding apps into live chat increases personalization at scale
  • 3 ways to use the new Stripe app with Intercom
  • And more!

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