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Why Your Sales Team Needs Chatbots

Chatbots are here to stay, and the fastest growing businesses are using them to close more deals, at scale. Adding chatbots to your website can help you acquire and qualify more leads, respond to them faster than your competitors, and convert them into happy customers. Best of all, chatbots are quick and easy to set up.
Hosted By:
1547603452 cropped sujan patel headshot
Sujan Patel
Co-Founder, Mailshake
1547603470 cropped dustin crawford
Dustin Crawford
Sales Development Manager, Intercom
1547602722 webinar headshot (2)
David Carr
Sales Operations Manager, Intercom
Join industry leader Sujan Patel and Intercom’s Dustin Crawford and David Carr in our webinar to see how your business can use chatbots at all stages of the sales cycle.
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  • Why top-performing sales teams are using chatbots
  • How to harness chatbots to close deals at scale
  • Best practices for adding chatbots to your sales process
  • The 5 chatbots every sales team can start using today

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