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Leveraging social media to grow engagement with your customers

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Hosted by
Alan Mc Glinchey
Startup Partnership Manager, Intercom
Aneto Okonkwo
Co-Founder & CEO, Chatdesk
15 June 3:30 p.m. UTC

Leveraging social media to grow engagement with your customers

Brand identity is crucial for every business. One of the most important ways in this current age to establish your brand is to focus and build on its online recognition.

Engaging with customers on social media has become part of small and large companies’ core customer service strategies to drive sales and retain customers. Still, social moderation is too time-consuming for most businesses. Especially since social conversations can happen at any time.

So how do you drive effective customer engagement on social media without hiring additional staff or implementing impersonal technology? 

In this webinar, Aneto Okonkwo, Co-Founder & CEO of Chatdesk, will talk about the next generation of customer support and offer practical, easy-to-implement social media growth strategies.

You’ll hear from our guests about:

  • How to set up a solid foundation for social moderation & conversation

  • How to respond to customers on social efficiently

  • Using social monitoring solutions to strengthen your customer relationships

Intercom’s Cx for Growth webinar series is designed for startups covering topics for CX and growth. Casual interview style to hear guests’ insights and ask your questions. Grab your coffee and join us!

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