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Foundations for Strong Customer Onboarding Campaigns

Getting new customers is important, but if you’re not retaining them, you’re not growing as a business. That’s why a focus customer retention should be a key part of your growth strategy. One of the best ways to increase retention is with customer onboarding campaigns. Customer onboarding helps better connect the dots for your new and current customer so that they see continued value in your product.
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Maya Sykes
Campaign Marketing Associate Manager, Intercom
When a customer sees value in your product they are more likely to come back again and again. Join our webinar to further learn how you can use customer onboarding to increase retention, usage and engagement in your product. We’ll also showcase our lessons learned from our customer onboarding campaigns.
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  • Best practices for getting started with customer onboarding
  • A customer onboarding foundational framework
  • Our lessons learned for building customer onboarding campaigns
  • Tactical steps for building the best onboarding campaign for your needs

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