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How Dialpad & Intercom Built Personalized Support at Scale

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Hosted By
Catherine Brodigan
Head of Partnerships, Intercom
Dulce Ramirez,
Director of Support, Dialpad
Franka Martinovic
Manager of Customer Support, Intercom
45 min

How Dialpad & Intercom Built Personalized Support at Scale

Dialpad’s customer support team integrated Intercom’s business messenger with Dialpad’s phone application to allow their team offer personalised human support between chat and voice seamlessly.

In this webinar, Dialpad’s Director of Customer Support, Dulce Ramirez, will chat with Intercom’s Customer Support Manager, Franka Martinovic, to discuss the top lessons learned and best practices for connecting live chat with a dialling solution to offer personalized customer support at scale. 

This webinar will show:

  • Best practices for connecting live chat and dialling solutions 

  • How to enable more personalised support interactions with on-demand video conferences or audio calls 

  • How to maximise AI powered summaries from transcribed meetings 

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