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How we Build Product at Intercom

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Hosted by
Lena Leadbetter
Senior Product Manager, Intercom
Angela Luk
Senior Product Designer, Intercom
Maddie Revill
Product Engineer, Intercom

How we Build Product at Intercom

Join us for an exclusive webinar for Interconnected members!

Learn how product is built at Intercom!

Tune in for a session on how we build product at Intercom, from ideation, to planning and right up to launch.

This webinar is a chance to learn from the teams involved in developing Intercom products and how you can apply these same principles to your own business.

This webinar will include:

  • How product, design and engineering come together to launch new products at Intercom.

  • The theory and best practice behind our product launches.

  • How we applied these principles to a recent product launch and how you can too.

  • An "ask us anything" section where you can ask questions of the team.

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