Increase Your Productivity with Apps

Join Ashley Hanson (Product Marketing Manager, Intercom) and Maria Marquis (Customer Educator, Coda) to learn how Intercom apps can speed up your workflows and let you do more in the Messenger, including harnessing user feedback with the new Coda app.
Hosted By:
1532601245 maria
Maria Marquis
Customer Educator, Coda
1532508364 ashley hanson
Ashley Hanson
Product Marketing Manager - Apps, Intercom
Intercom apps are the perfect way to increase productivity and do more with Intercom. They open up new capabilities, automate manual tasks, and keep your tools in sync – so you can acquire, engage, and retain more customers.
Join us to learn how to:
  • Use Intercom apps to “get the job done” better and faster
  • Streamline your workflows with our most popular apps, including Slack, HubSpot, and Google Calendar
  • Harness actionable customer feedback with the Coda app
All in less than an hour!

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