Turn new signups into valuable customers

Join our Product Education team for a 2 day best practice course on how to master your customer onboarding.
Hosted By:
1531933731 kate sugrue
Kate Sugrue
Product Education Producer
1531933364 liam keegan
Liam Keegan
Product Education Producer
1531933683 phil byrne
Phil Byrne
Product Education Lead
Accelerate your business' growth with a personal, engaging onboarding flow. Get inspired by best practices, customer examples, product run-throughs, interactive exercises and more.
Course schedule:
  • Sept 19th, 10-11am PST: Target the right users, at the right time with custom data (recommended product: Messages/Messages Pro)
  • Sept 19th, 11am-12pm PST: Craft personal, profitable messages that inspire action (recommended product: Messages/Messages Pro)
  • Sept 26th, 10-11am PST: Automate your onboarding schedule with campaigns (recommended product: Messages Pro)
The course is free, but seats are limited, so register now!


Sessions in this course

19 Sep, 10am PST
26 Sep, 10am PST


The onboarding starter kit
Strategies for onboarding new users
Successful customer onboarding never stops

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