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Preparing for the future of customer support

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Hosted By
Kaitlin Pettersen
Global Director of Customer Support, Intercom
Shane Freeburg
VP of Services, Dialpad
Emily Luckette
Head of Success Engineering, Segment
45 min

Preparing for the future of customer support

Join Intercom’s Kaitlin Pettersen, Dialpad’s VP of Services Shane Freeburg, and Segment’s Head of Success Engineering Emily Luckette for a roundtable discussion on how customer support will evolve based on the trends they’re seeing.

As support teams have experienced many changes over the past few weeks, new trends around customer communication have bubbled up to the surface. We dive into exactly what support leaders are seeing within their own teams right now and hear more about what those changes suggest about the future of customer support.

You’ll hear from Kaitlin, Shane, and Emily about: 

  • The trends they’ve seen emerge within their own support teams and their products 

  • What KPIs they’re using to measure performance and if they predict those will change

  • The role automation has played in handling heightened conversation volume 

  • Where they think customer support is headed 

We invite you to ask questions and share your own experiences during the roundtable. The roundtable is hosted by Dee Reddy from Intercom.

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