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Running remote customer support in high-pressure times

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Hosted By
Kaitlin Pettersen
Global Director of Customer Support, Intercom
June Zhang
Customer Support Manager, Guru
45 min

Running remote customer support in high-pressure times

Join us for a roundtable discussion with Kaitlin Pettersen, Intercom’s Director of Customer Support, and June Zhang, Guru’s Customer Support Manager, on how they’re taking care of their teams and their customers – remotely.

In these unprecedented times, customer support leaders have had to adapt quickly. Intercom’s Kaitlin Pettersen and Guru’s June Zhang will share how they’re navigating the challenges of increased conversation volumes, stressed customers, and pressure on their teams, all while fully remote.

You’ll hear from Kaitlin and June about:

  • How they’re enabling their teams to adapt to remote work.

  • What strategies they’re using to handle the high inbound volume.

  • How they’re helping reps have difficult and sensitive conversations.

  • What leading through a crisis looks like and means to them.

We invite you to ask questions and share your own experiences during the roundtable. The roundtable will be hosted by Dee Reddy from Intercom.

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