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Strategies for Better Onboarding

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Hosted By
Des Traynor
Co-founder, Intercom
Patrick Andrews
Senior Product Manager
60 min

Strategies for Better Onboarding

Retention is the new growth, but how do you get there? The answer is onboarding. Onboarding lets you connect the dots for your customers at key moments, so they find more value in your product.

Customers who see added value, will buy your product time and time again.

We’ve recently leveled up onboarding by launching a new and better way to do it: Product Tours. Join Co-founder, Des Traynor, and Senior Product Manager, Patrick Andrews, to learn why onboarding is your next big lever, and get an insider’s look into our lessons learned for better onboarding.

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  • Why customer onboarding is your next big opportunity

  • Best practices to successfully onboard new customers

  • Keys for using onboarding to increase adoption and retention

  • The future of onboarding and an introduction to Product Tours

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